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Teaser #2 - Not long now til the 1st August… Tell your friends and family and long-lost-lovers, King Horse is riding home as we speak.

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Ten things Disney MUST not do to ruin the new star wars films.

If there are two things I love in this world its Star Wars and my son. Star Wars shaped my life and, many of the bonding sessions with my son from baby to child was done by watching Disney Pixar. For me it’s genius. So when the partnership was announced I thought that the guys at Disney could breathe some life into the next three instalments and not make the same mistakes Lucas made with the prequels. Recent news has made me feel otherwise and I hope to Yoda that we are not quite literally going history repeating. If so in the words of C-3PO ‘we’re all doomed’ so…

10) Stop using the same environments over and over again. Tatooine. Is described by Luke as ‘the planet that is farthest from’ and why because it’s fuckin’ shite! So why re-visit it  time and time again?  The only film it doesn’t seem to feature in is Empire. Anyone remember the stark contrast when you saw Hoth or Cloud City for the first time?  We got the impression this was a vast universe to be explored. Tatooine is  just somewhere where Nothing much happens and creeps up in the films far too often. Why couldn’t Anakin just of came from somewhere else?

09) Recyling the same old characters over and over again is tiresome. OK I think Yoda and the droids need to be there but Chewie carrying Yoda on his back ‘miss you I will’ COME ON. If you are gonna’ reference the good old days let’s see Lando making off with the falcon or Captain Solo jumping ship from the imperials. Too many old characters seemed to be there for the sake of it.

08) CGI and flashy stuff. Grow a pair and film star wars like we love it. Old and a bit grainy. It’s fine to put a few new effects here and there but those boosters sure would have got D2 out of the swamp in a hurry.

07) Super weapon needing to be destroyed story arcs. Death Star, Death Star II that thing that got blown up above Naboo. You fly up get rid of that and we’ll sort the ground up and everything will be fine NO IT WON’T STOP IT ALREADY!

06) Bad acting. The actors in the prequels put in their worst performances of their careers. If you are going have an all star cast then at least let’s have the same effort regarding their direction

05) Bad dialog. How did the semi hip speak of Han Solo “Listen I ain’t in this for your revolution sister” and “I love you”; “I know” descend into to “Hold me like you did on Naboo”?

04) Jar Jar. OK Ewoks are cutsey but so’s a Jack Russell or Ferrets until you take them lamping. No I take that all back put him in for a laugh how old will that make him in Gunngan years? 900?

03) Sexual equality. Weird one this the balliest character and clearly an ardent feminist leads the rebels to victory in a new hope but where’s the rest of the women in the six films. Jeez. There’s probably more Banthas than women in the whole saga.

02) Racial equality. There seems to be more aliens than other ethnic groups in the films. Lucas didn’t cast any Afro Caribbeans in the first film and perhaps Chinese only exist in Star Trek

01) Too much interference from Lucas. Good idea but come lad you’ve done your job let the lads do there’s.

So there you have it and I got to the end of my blog without mentioning racism, religion, incest and plot inconsistencies. But then there are other alternatives to fighting…


A design classic



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A design classic!



Orient Machine release their new single Amity…

It’s hard for me to review this objectively; as a promoter I have been hosting Orient Machine gigs for around five years I’ve watched them lug and graft and grow in stature and presence ever since.  In short one of the best live acts locally you will ever see.

Furthermore, as I work with Moz as a soundman I have heard this song in every format, every remaster going. I could say I’m sick to death of it and end here but I won’t because it still resonates something inside me and production-wise really sounds as good as it gets…seriously.

To say this just sounds like 50 other bands out there or to say it’s not original is simply lazy journalism. It’s clear as mud that this sounds like a particular genre and is obviously is therefore part of that.

To list the bands it sounds like is also lazy, we should be objectively listening to this and examining it as a piece of art; Give us a clue, “sounds like” it isn’t.

OK so that’s the negatives dealt with let’s get on with the task in hand. ‘Amity’ whilst not being as good as the epic ‘Flood Plains’ single is still a great song. Strong drum patterns, great guitar lines but my favourite part of it is the suble use of Jessica Ball’s backing vocals. Not overstated just underpinning the overall sound.

Orient Machine have no hesitation in packing out hometown shows and will continue to do so. AND it’s so refreshing to hear people sing in their Wrexham accents, a town that is falling on it’s arse but is our home loud and proud.

So in conclusion, yes it belongs to a particular genre and I’m surprised you’ve got where you are by stating the fucking oblivious for so long. AndIi have to add it’s not my favourite genre but, I still like it ;-).

Originality is one thing but unless your Can or The Fall it’s curtains. Maybe next time he should tap dance on it but that’s another story…

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